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Improved vehicle placement efficiency and optimized logistics services procurement costs by up to 3%. Ensured 100% transparency and audit compliance in logistics freight buying.
About the Project
Our client is a major global agro industry player whose operations are closely tied to the seasonality of crops, leaving them with a small window of time to process and bring their produce to market. They faced a significant challenge with timely vehicle placement and turnaround. Additionally, without real-time visibility of transactions, their logistics flow was frequently stressed and required constant problem-solving.
As one of the world’s largest agricultural processors, they play a crucial role in connecting farmers with consumers. They take crops and process them into food ingredients, animal feed ingredients, renewable fuels, and natural alternatives to industrial chemicals. To maintain a strong partnership with the farming community, they need to have multiple procurement centers, stocking holds, and processing units located close to rural farming areas. However, this led to logistical challenges, increased transportation costs, and longer turnaround times for transporting the farm produce.

Our Solution

Our team visited the client’s processing units and thoroughly examined their physical processes, efficiency, and limitations. We then developed a solution that included automating the sourcing process, improving in-plant visibility with better management of bay and turnaround times, and digitizing manual processes while also providing alerts at critical intervals.

Obtained Results

  • Reduced direct costs by up to 4%.
  • In-Plant TAT improvement up to 30%.
  • Increased loading bay efficiency by up to 40%.
  • Improved priority allocation to farmers and local deliveries by 40%.
  • Fully digitized and audited all transactions.
  • Provided analytics, reports, and dashboards to enhance decision-making.
  • Implemented exception reporting and escalations to resolve issues faster.

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