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We optimized vehicle placement, saved up to 3% in costs, and increased transparency and audit compliance in logistics freight procurement.s
About the Project
Our client is a top-five Indian industrial conglomerate and a leader in electrical fabrication. They operate in a make-to-order project environment with highly volatile logistics services, which was impacting their competitive edge during the RFP process.
The company has centralized fabrication plants that allow them to deliver over larger geographical areas than their competitors. However, their logistics operations were inefficient and diluting their strength in aggregation capability. They are therefore seeking to improve their logistics efficiency to match or exceed their competition.

Our Solution

We gathered requirements from the client’s logistics managers, plant supervisors, end-users, and logistics service providers to develop process flows and detailed requirements. Using our flagship product tEG 2.0, we configured, customized, and implemented a solution to digitize and optimize their logistics services procurement process, ultimately improving their logistics service levels.and accurate accounting.

Obtained Results

  • Achieved a direct cost optimization of up to 3% overall
  • We achieved an improvement in service levels of up to 97%
  • Achieved full  audit compliance
  • Achieved full audit compliance and complete transparency and visibility across the logistics channels
  • Provided analytics dashboards and reports for better decision-making
  • We improved their decision-making process hierarchy through real-time dashboards and analytics.

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