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Fashion and Retail Industry

We significantly reduced the lead time for sourcing primary, secondary, and last-mile logistics services. We digitized the end-to-end logistics procurement-to-payment process, eliminating reconciliation errors completely.
About the Project
Our client is a large retail chain that operates across various industries, including food and fashion. They have a strong presence in both the forward and backward sections of the supply chain. firefighting.
Retail industry faces unique challenges of managing mid and last mile transactions which are in millions and part loads, along with the physical management of over 1000 distribution and stores networks. Meeting ever-rising end customer service level expectations puts tremendous pressure on logistics management. To address these challenges, our client looked for a state-of-the-art digital logistics platform to improve service levels and optimize costs through data accountability, global visibility, transparency, and process control.

Our Solution

Our team met with stakeholders from the supply chain management and logistics service providers to understand their requirements and agreed on the process flows. We then implemented our flagship product, tEG 2.0, to digitize and optimize their logistics services, such as onboarding new vendors, procurement for all modes of transportation, verifying post-delivery logistics services, automatically generating vendor bills and payments, and seamlessly integrating digital contract data with their ERP system (SAP) for vendor payments.

Obtained Results

  • Reduced direct costs by up to 3%.
  • We reduced Logistics Services contracting lead time by over 80%.
  • We successfully eliminated errors in vendor bill reconciliation.
  • Configured the system for full audit compliance and achieved it successfully.
  • Made logistics process transparent and visible to all involved parties.
  • Provided analytics, reports, and dashboards to enhance decision-making.
  • Integrated  our logistics platform with their  SAP for easy and efficient information flow.

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