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FMCG Industry

Improved business performance, both in terms of revenue and profit, by digitizing the supply chain logistics flow and managing it through our Mission Control Tower.
About the Project
Our client is a successful FMCG company valued at $4 billion and growing at a rate of 19% annually. They have an extensive logistics network with over 35 plants, 90 depots, and more than 5000 distribution points. They offer a variety of products including commodities, pulses, and cosmetics and serve multiple markets with over 500 SKU’s.
The company faced tough competition, low margins, and high service expectations. To keep up with these challenges, they needed a modern digital logistics platform that could streamline their operations. This platform would help them record, measure, analyze, and improve their efficiency and reduce costs. Their goal was to meet the demand of their internal and external supply chain network while maintaining transparency.
Managing logistics efficiently was challenging for the growing company with multiple manufacturing locations and thousands of distribution points. Scaling up also posed a challenge as they needed to avoid increasing logistics costs and compromising service levels.

Our Solution

Our experts visited the client’s plants and worked with stakeholders to understand their needs and processes. We then created a digital solution to optimize logistics services procurement, vehicle scheduling, in-plant workflows, real-time tracking, and payment management. We also developed a priority management system with key indicators for better decision-making.

Obtained Results

  • Reduced direct costs by up to 3%.
  • We improved service levels by up to 97%.
  • We achieved full audit compliance.
  • We achieved complete transparency and visibility throughout the logistics process.
  • Analytics, reports, and  dashboards  for better decision making
  • Make it simpler: “Reporting and escalation process for quicker issue resolution in case of exceptions.”
  • We integrated our logistics platform with their ERP system (SAP) to ensure smooth and effortless information flow.

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