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White Goods

We offered advanced digital logistics services that allowed us to improve their buying capabilities. As a result, we were able to optimize their international and domestic shipping costs by up to 4%. Additionally, we reduced detention costs by up to 15% and greatly improved their on-time and in-full service levels.
About the Project
Our client is a top Indian brand in air conditioning and cooling technology. With over 60 years of experience, they have established a strong distribution network that covers every corner of India.
Handling logistics for white goods presents unique challenges due to various factors. These include manufacturing parts in different locations, assembling near the point of consumption, dealing with seasonal demands, facing competition, and aligning logistics goals with customer expectations. These factors are crucial for staying ahead in the industry race.
As e-commerce continues to grow rapidly, company’s logistics key performance indicators (KPIs) faced significant pressure to keep up with market demand.And they were actively seeking a modern digital platform to enhance their overall logistics efficiency and meet the evolving needs of the market

Our Solution

Our team conducted a comprehensive study of all stakeholders involved in the supply chain to understand the current state of operations. We identified bottlenecks and devised a digital process along with an implementation strategy. Using our flagship product, tEG 2.0, we customized and configured it to digitize and optimize various aspects of their EXIM and domestic logistics services. This included vendor sourcing, freight buying, vehicle placement, in-transit tracking, and freight invoice reconciliation.

Obtained Results

  • Reduced direct costs by up to 4.5%.
  • We achieved significant cost savings by reducing truck and container detention expenses by up to 15%.
  • We achieved remarkable improvements in service levels, reaching up to 97%.
  • Achieved complete audit compliance
  • We successfully attained complete transparency and visibility throughout the logistics channel.
  • We effectively protected against seasonal price fluctuations by leveraging the market access and matching capabilities of their logistics service providers to align supply and demand.

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