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Successfully improved turnaround times for Origin, In-transit, and Destination management, reducing logistics costs by up to 4% while maintaining strict adherence to audit and regulatory standards.
About the Project
A multinational brewery with a strong presence in India sought to automate their transportation operations, track shipments from start to finish, and achieve operational efficiency, cost reduction, and compliance with government regulations.
Transporting alcoholic beverages in India is a complex process that undergoes strict scrutiny and is governed by numerous regulations. The goods must follow an approved route designated by regulatory authorities, with severe penalties imposed for any deviations. Inter-state movements require valid import and export permits, and the goods must be transported within their designated validity period. Any deviations from these regulations can result in detentions and substantial penalties.

Our Solution

Our team of experts conducted on-site assessments at the client’s various plants, thoroughly understanding their needs, analyzing their physical processes, efficiency measures, and limitations. The solution we developed involved digitizing key aspects such as logistics services procurement, vehicle indenting, in-plant vehicle movement tracking, real-time delivery confirmation, service level monitoring, vendor payments, and efficient priority management using advanced indicators.
Geofencing was used to record vehicle entry and exit timings at all designated points, triggering exception alerts as needed.
The Mission Control Tower which was deployed effectively managed these exceptions.
The solution seamlessly integrated with the client’s ERP system, “SAP,” retrieving dispatch details and ensuring streamlined transactions without duplication, up until the vendor payment instruction was sent back to the ERP system.

Obtained Results

  • Reduced direct costs by up to 4%.
  • Over 90% of vehicles were accurately tracked.
  • Detention costs decreased by up to 20%.
  • Service levels were enhanced to reach up to 97%.
  • Successfully attained full compliance with regulatory requirements set by the governing body.
  • Enabled seamless and effortless information flow through deep integration with the ERP system (SAP).
  • Accelerated issue resolution through efficient exception escalations.
  • Achieved comprehensive transparency and visibility throughout the logistics channel.




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