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Dramatically improved overall business performance by digitizing the logistics flow within the supply chain network and effectively managing it through the Logistics Mission Control Tower.
About the Project
Our client is a prominent German brand experiencing rapid growth in India with a distribution network serving both the B2B and B2C markets.
The company operates multiple plants in remote areas and encountered significant difficulties in meeting the committed/budgeted logistics service levels and costs for end customers. This led to conflicts between the Supply Chain and Sales departments, resulting in wasted management resources spent on unproductive conflict resolution, primarily due to a lack of comprehensive end-to-end supply chain network logistics visibility.
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Our Solution

Our subject matter experts conducted on-site assessments at the client’s multiple plants, engaging with various stakeholders, to thoroughly understand their requirements. They successfully mapped the physical processes, efficiency matrix, and limitations. The resulting solution involved digitizing logistics services procurement, vehicle indenting, in-plant vehicle movement tracking, real-time delivery confirmation, service level reconciliation, vendor payments, and effective priority management using advanced indicators.
We collaborated with logistic managers, plant supervisors, end-users, and logistics service providers to gather requirements and define process flows. Using our flagship product tEG 2.0, we digitized and optimized their entire supply chain network logistics, streamlining operations for improved efficiency.

Obtained Results

  • Reduced direct costs by up to 4.5%.
  • We achieved remarkable improvements in service levels, reaching up to 97%.
  • Successfully attained full audit compliance.
  • Accomplished complete transparency and visibility throughout the logistics channel.
  • Delivered analytics dashboards and reports to enhance decision-making.
  • Offered timely issue resolution through exception reports and escalations.

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